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77: Generate sales for e-commerce companies from instagram and pinterest

Set up instagram_pinterest accounts for e-commerce site


1. Instagram and Pinterest have become great channels
2. for generating sales for many e-commerce businesses which sell products.
3. Businesses post specific products and if buyers like them, they click and buy.
4. A lot of businesses want to do this but they do not want to build the technology themselves
5. Check out this article on New York Times


1. You will built a web-based solution
2. e-commerce companies will come to your website and sign up for your services.
3. your solution provides a front-end interface and also automates most of the processes
4. to post regular photos and  product Photos to Instagram and Pinterest.
5. Instagram users will not click if it feels like advertising, So, you would need to figure out the ideal frequency to post products.

How to make Money.

1. freemium model – charge free for 10 products/week and charge a nominal fee to post more products.
2. Affiliate model – You take a 2% cut from every sale you make.

Some Tips for starting.

1. Use Instagram and pinterest api’s