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Get a Temporary fax number — in less than a minute


1. Sometimes you need to receive a “One-Time” fax
2. You don’t have a fax number
3. You just need a temporary fax number just for a couple of hours.
4. The current solutions take too much time to signup and get the fax number.
5. but you need a fax number quickly.


1. Your customers taps on your app or goes to your website
2. They type in their email
3. The app splits out a fax number immediately
4. It will show them the default 6hrs
5. Which can be increased if needed.
6. He can use the fax number immediately.
7. He will get the fax in his email as pdf and jpeg formats.

How to make Money.

1.if the customer is using free service, you can put ads in the email
2.Sell additional premium services –

  • ..Can be used for more than 6hrs
  • ..Can get Toll free number
  • ..He can receive more than 5 pages

Some Tips..

1. To start testing your idea, get a couple of free efax numbers.
2. Once a customer signs up , give one of the number.
3. Since you own the efax number, you will get the fax to your email.
4. Manually email them to your customers.
5. Once it works , tie-up with efax and get more numbers and
6. then rent a programmer to automate the whole process.