Tips and Hacks from Super-Successful founders

Get players for your game locally

You are in a mood to play your favorite game and you need co-players.  (Your friends are all tied-up with chores, you are lucky! to get time)

Who would love your site :  People who love games.

Help(how it works):
1. You open up your app in your iphone.
2. You enter your zip-code, phone No , email id and games you are interested, so anyone who wants players can contact you.
3. Now you are in need of a players, you launch the app and enter the game, location, time and no of players needed.
4. The system sends text to all the registered players within 10miles of your radius.
5. Once you have the required players, the app stops accepting any more players.
6. Horray! The game is on.

How to make money:
1.Once there are a lot of Subscribers, you can get sponsors.
2,You can organize local contests and get sponsors for the event.