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Gift recommendation service


1. Currently there are no good gift recommendation apps or websites
2. Most of the current ones..
3. are too cumbersome and ask too many questions
4. about the person to whom you are trying to find a gift.


1.Your customer comes to your website or app.
2.He will enter three favorite items of the person he is buying the gift
3.You will show him a list of items which the gift receiver will love.

How to make Money.

1. When the person buys the gifts, you will get money either by  selling the item yourself or get affiliate commission from stores like amazon.
2. Since you know what the gift receiver likes, Get their email and keep sending them good deals, they would like.

Some Tips for starting.

1.This is similar to  Pandora – but it will be  recommendation service for gifts.
2.You can use gift recommendation api’s from amazon, and