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Grocery Shopping Made easy


1. A lot of times, when you go grocery shopping you forget something and may have to go shopping again.
2. What if we create a grocery list which updates itself automatically.


1. Your customer downloads your iPhone app.
2. When he goes grocery shopping, he takes a picture of the bill
3. He does this for a month or two.
4. Your app will convert the bill to text and analyze his shopping pattern.
5. Your app will know approximately at what frequency he is buying particular items
6. for e.g Two gallons of milk every week, 2lbs of pasta every two weeks etc.
7. It will build a shopping list which will show what items to buy this week.

How to make Money.

1. You can have a premium version with the following options:

  • Track exactly how much money you’ve been spending.
  • Find stores where your groceries are cheaper
  • Shows Optimized route for all your grocery shopping, so shopping can be done faster and cheaper.
  • Shows low gas prices nearby.

Some Tips for starting.

1. You can partner with coupon providers like Yowza  to provide coupons.
2. You can partner with GroceryPal to show which items are on sale at your local supermarkets