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HassleFree conversion of old photos into digital Photos

A lot of people have print photos , Videos in old tapes like VHS and they are lying around in the house.  They would like to relive the memories.

1.The user comes to your website and registers
2.You will have 3 types of boxes.
3.The customer selects number of boxes.
4.You ship it with prepaid postage.
5.The customer puts his photos and tapes in the box
6.Once you receive the box, you count the no of photos and tapes and update his account.
7.You open a flick account or picasa or smugmug and then upload the photos and movies.
8.You send the login/passwd to the customer
9.The customer can also download the photos and videos into his computer.

How to make money:
1.You can charge for the service by no. of photos or for every hour of video
2.You can also store it in your servers and charge a yearly fee or one time fee.