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180: Healthy version of an unhealthy recipe

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1. A lot of health conscious people myself included
2. When they search for recipes on the internet,

3. they get unhealthy version of the recipe with too much butter
4. And other unhealthy ingredients in it.

5. They wish they can replace these unhealthy ingredients with
6. Healthy ones and use the recipe.


1. You will build a smartphone app
2. Once they download and open
3. they can take a picture of the recipe and
4. this app will convert the recipe into text and then

5. It will replace the unhealthy ingredients with healthy alternatives
6. For eg. Butter can be replaced with applesauce, eggs with milk,
7. White sugar with coconut sugar etc.
8. And the app will show the new recipe to the user.

9. To build the app, hire a professional dietician and a chef and
10. create a database of the unhealthy to healthy translations.

Money1_Treasure_ChestHow to make money:

1. Freemium model: With the free version, they can
1.1 see 5 recipes a month. With the Paid version, they
1.2 can check unlimited recipes.
1.3 Sell the pro version for $4.99

2. Sell cook books from Amazon: Sell healthy recipe books from amazon
2.1 and get affiliate income

3. Ads: show brief iAds in the free version.