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100: Help Baby boomers reach customer service reps faster

Help_Baby boomers reach customer service reps faster


1. There are a lot of baby boomers(65+ years)
2. Who would need to call service providers (phone,utility, credit card company, etc.)
3. When they call, they have to endlessly listen to the voice menus
4. Keep pressing buttons
5. Then they have to be on hold for a while
6. Then when the operator comes, she transfers them to someone else
7. it is a big pain.


1. You build an app
2. Baby boomers download the app
3. They take pictures of their utility bills
4. the app automatically creates an account using their phone number
5. You partner with and get the phone numbers where an operator can be reached
6. with a short wait time.
7. When she (grandma) needs to reach an operator, she just opens the app
8. and picks the utility company she need to reach and she will be connected
9. to the right human operator as soon as possible.
10. The problem is resolved and grandma is happy!.

johnny-automatic-bag-of-moneyHow to make money:

1. Sell the app for $1.99 per year subscription
2. Partner with local service providers for elderly people and advertise on the app.

Tips1_Penguins_flying  Some Tips for starting:

1. You have to market this to the sons and daughters of baby boomers, because
1.1 They are the ones who will be paying , installing and configuring this
1.2 for their parents.