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Help local merchants find customers

Everyone wants to find a good local business. for e.g a good plumber, a good carpet cleaner etc.
Most of the times, when we drive locally, we see their cars or trucks with the business’s phone number and website. By the time we come home we forgot everything, including business name, phone number and website.
How about a website where local business buy a keyword so when someone searches for that keyword, their business comes up
For e.g when you search for plumber, we auto-detect your location and this business names comes up.

Who would love your site :  Local business who want leads.

1. Assume your website name is
2. The business registers in your site . (Facebook , twitter, log-in ).
3. They bid on the keyword for a zip code or multiple zip codes or even for whole cities
4. Once they have the keyword, They can add it on thier cars.trucks with the wordings “ZipooHelp keyword plumber”
5. If someone sees this truck he just has to remember the keyword,
6. If he wants a plumber, He opens the browser comes to your and types in plumber
7. You auto-detect his location and show him the business in his locality.

How to make money:
1. Local Business bid for the keywords