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89: Help People take their medication on time and reorder automatically

pills-Help People take their medication on time and reorder automatically


1. A lot of People forget to take their medication on-time
2. Sometimes this causes people to get hospitalized
3. There is no simple way to remind them what medication to take and when.


1. This will be an iPhone/ipad app
2. your customer downloads the app.
3. you ask him simple questions like
4. when does he take breakfast, lunch and dinner.
5. He then proceeds to take pictures of his medication papers
6. Which shows the medicine name, how many tablets,..
7. when to take them(empty stomach or not empty stomach) and
8. the possible side-effects
9. You convert the pictures to text and organize the information
10. You automatically put a time based on the information of when he takes his food,
11. for e.g. if it says 2 times a day after food. You put the timings after breakfast and dinner
12. He can make any changes to the timings
13. At the right time, an alarm will ring and remind him and..
14. he can simply touch a button saying he has taken or not taken the tablet
15. if he did not take, you will remind him again after 30 minutes
16. Your customer can choose to customize the reminders, by on-screen text messages or by an alarm.
17. He is so happy that he is taking the right medications at the right time and lives a happy life.

How to make Money.

1.0 To track 3 medications, make it free, if he has more, charge a nominal monthly fee.($1/month)
2.0 Have a premium version, which can reorder his medications when they are close to running out
2.1 For reordering, you have to program your software to use the IVRS system and reorder
2.2 Programming your software to using Online ordering is a little tough with the privacy laws.
2.3 The premium version can also track any recalls to his medication.