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170: Help people wake up 1 to 2 hrs early


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1. A lot of people have the desire to wake up early
2. They have been thinking about this for many
3. years but cannot do it.

4. They would love, if someone can help them wake up early
5. without the use of their will power.


1. A lot of successful people had the same problem
2. but they tackled the problem in a different way,

3. They realized that they do not have the will power
4. and they knew that humans can do things in small steps.

5. So, what these successful peopleĀ  did is
6. Let us say they generally wake up at 7:00am and their goal is to wake up at 5:00am,
7. Everyday they reduce their alarm clock by 1 minute and not more than that.

8. They don’t raise 2 minutes or 3 minutes daily.
9. they make sure they raise only 1 minute every day.

10. There is tremendous psychology involved in this.
11. These successful people knew that
12. if the human mind thinks a task is complex it will not do it.
13. if the human mind thinks a task is very simple, it will do it.

14. So that is why almost all successful people raise only 1 minute daily
15. and not more than that.

16.. Slowly in one month i.e 30 days, they wake up 30 minutes early.
17. In 4 months i.e 120 days , they would wake up 2hrs early and they stop there.

18. So to bring this technique to others, you
19. will build a smartphone app.

20. Once they open the app, it will ask 2 things
21. What time they wake up now and what is their desired time to wake up.

22. After this the app will automatically reduce 1 minute everyday and ring the alarm
23. So, like the successful people, your users too would wake up early.

Money1_Treasure_ChestHow to make money:

1. Sell pro version: The free version will have the alarm and
1.1 it will show one motivational quote everyday
1.2 The pro version will show motivational quotes and will have
1.3 good audio speeches from self-help speakers
1.4 like Tony Robbins and Jim Rohn.

2. Ads – Show iAds on the app

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