Tips and Hacks from Super-Successful founders

118: Inspiration for LifeStyle entrepreneurs

Inspiration for LifeStyle entrepreneurs


1. A lot of aspiring lifestyle entrepreneurs want to initially start
2. a business while working on their day job
3. but they are not sure if they can make enough money
4. with a lifestyle business.

5. If they can hear other lifestyle entrepreneurs success stories,
6. who are making more than $100,000/year
7. they will be inspired and motivated to start their own lifestyle business.


1. There are a lot of blogs who interview lifestyle entrepreneurs
2. like Mixergy, Rise to the topEntrepreneurs on fire etc.
3. Most of the times, the same entrepreneurs get interviewed by
4. multiple people

5. Subscribe to these podcasts in an rss reader like Feedly
6. Download the transcripts and  read the transcripts
7. Write a story about their problems and how they overcame them and succeeded
8. and post in your blog.
9. if possible, create an animated video(you can do it or outsource to fiverr)

Money1_Treasure_ChestHow to make money:

1. Podcast: Create a podcast and talk about the entrepreneur’s story
1.1 and get sponsorships for the podcasts.

2. Sell an ebook : Write an e-book  called “9 habits of super successful lifestyle entrepreneurs”
2.1 sell it for $29.99.
2.2 Since you have already wrote many stories of successful entrepreneurs,
2.3 distill the essence from these stories and try to come up with these 9 habits.
2.4 Search Inc, Forbes and entrepreneur magazine websites  for ideas to write this ebook.