Tips and Hacks from Super-Successful founders

114: Inspirational weather app

Picture - Inspirational weather app


1. A lot of people are depressed most of the time
2. Wouldn’t it be good to inspire them constantly.

3. Most people check atleast these 3 things daily
4. Weather,email and News

5. After they are done with these, they are bored and
6. are back to the depressed state again.

7. Wouldn’t it be nice, if we could
8. provide them inspirational messages constantly
9. and make them happy.


1. Since people check the weather app most often
2. you create an iPhone weather app

3. Every time they open the weather app, it will show
4. an inspiring quote along with the weather

5. To get weather information for your app, ,use the yahoo api.
6. To find the details about Yahoo weather api google for  yahoo weather api.
7. To get motivational quotes , google for motivational quotes.

Money1_Treasure_ChestHow to make money:

1. Show Ads : Occasionally show iAds on the app.

2. Sell your own e-guide : Write your own e-book with real stories of people
2.1 who rose from depression and lead happy and successful lives.
2.2 Sell it for $17.99
2.3 To find these real stories for your e-book,
2.4 google for “real rags to riches stories
2.4. Read these stories, do a little bit more research on these stories,
2.5 Add your own voice and write your own e-book.