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iPhone Camera app – for Parties and special occasions


1. Many times we go to a party..
2. or we have our own party or go on a vacation
3. and take pictures and videos
4. After that occasion, those photos lie in our cameras filling up space and..
5. get rotten and stinky(ok, this is a joke)
6. What if there is a solution to clear up photos automatically from your iPhone.


1. Your customer downloads your app
2. When he goes to a party, he taps on your app
3. It will ask 3 questions — Party Name, Party Host Name and Host’s email
4. if the party host is yourself, it won’t ask for email
5. It will bring up the iPhone camera and..
6. He can start taking pictures and videos
7. Once he leaves the party, your app will automatically detect and..
8. will ask him if the party is over.
9. Your app will detect if the iPhone is connected to a wifi
10. if the party is not yours..
11. It will email all the photos and videos to your friend(the party host)
12. if the party is yours, it will upload to your Picasa account
13. and will delete them from your iPhone.
14. You are happy and your friend the host is happy.

How to make Money.

1. You can have a Paid Premium version..

  • can take additional backup to his dropbox or gDrive
  • can auto-enhance the photos
  • .. After uploading to Picasa , Send links to friends automatically.

2. Sell  “iPhone tips and tricks” e-book.  it can be your own or affiliate.

Some Tips..

1.When your customer is at his friend’s party
2.Determine his location, search and get the host name too.