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91: Just bad reviews

Just bad reviews


1. A lot of times, you are frustrated with some business
2. because they mistreated you or cheated you
3. if you use yelp, your review gets drowned in all the other reviews
4. You wish, if there is a website to vent your feelings and also
5. let your friends know to avoid that business.


1. You can build a website, where people can enter only bad reviews
2. if they want to write good reviews, they can write in yelp.
3. They can write the bad review and
4. also pick some common keywords like cheater, lousy service etc for that business
5. just like a criminal database,When someones wants to check if anyone
6. had bad experience with a business , they can check here, in your website.

How to make Money:

1.0 When someone complains, find out the problem and suggest good business and give discount coupons.
2.0 Recruit some small business, and
2.1 charge them if they want to display a “No bad reviews ” badge.

Some Tips for starting:

1. Provide option to broadcast the review to all their Facebook/twitter friends
2. so he is satisfied that his friends will never go there.