Tips and Hacks from Super-Successful founders

Know all your friend’s locations while on a trip


1. Many Times when we plan a trip with friends
2. We drive in different cars.
3. We would not know where each one is
4. and we keep calling each other to find out.
5. How about an easy and automated way to track your friends.


1. All of them will download your app.
2. When all the friends meet for the first time in one location
3. They will open up the app and
4. the app will detect all of them using location and proximity.
5. Everyone will start the journey
6. When someone wants to stop somewhere for food, they simply click a button
7. and speak the message and it will be broadcasted to the whole group
8. Everyone will meet at this place and have a sumptuous meal.
9. They start again and everyone reaches the destination safely and
10.enjoys the vacation.

How to make Money.

1. You can put ads – Since people will be looking at the screen for a long while.
2. Have a premium version

  • Provide money saving coupons for the attractions
  • if you want to halt for the night, it can find a good hotel where rooms are available
  • Provide Local attractions and with exact address information to make it easy to use GPS