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145: Lamborghini NewsLetter

lamborghini sports car


1. Gerald Roush started a newsletter called
2. “Ferrari Market Letter”
3. It chronicled the pricing, whereabouts and details of just about every Ferrari ever made.
4. I first read about this from Seth Godin’s blog post
5. Gerald made about 500k per year from this newsletter.
6. There is no good similar newsletter for other luxury cars.


1. You can create a similar newsletter for Lamborghini – another luxury car
2. You can create a simple wordpress membership site and a blog
3. And you can get inspiration from the “Ferrari Market letter” for
4. your newsletter and put similar features.

Money1_Treasure_ChestHow to make money:

1. Yearly Subscription : Just like Ferrari Market newsletter, sell yearly subscriptions
2. Sponsorships on your website : Get sponsors and display them on your website
3. Posters : Open a drop ship poster business using Zazzle or printful.