Tips and Hacks from Super-Successful founders

109: Let Mechanic-shops compete for your High-end car oil change

Let Mechanic-shops compete


1. A lot of people have high-end cars
2. like Benz, BMW etc.
3. The oil change price is very expensive and more than $100

4. Initially the dealer does it free
5. Once the car gets a little older, the owner has to pay up.
6. They wish they could pay less money.


1. You build an iPhone app
2. The car owner registers his car in the app
3. He picks a day when he wants his oil change.

4. Multiple local mechanics compete and provide quotes
5. for the oil change.

6. Your app will link yelp APi’s  and will show the mechanics rating too
7. The luxury car owner picks a good mechanic with the good price.
8. He gets the oil change done for cheap, saves money and goes home happy.

johnny-automatic-bag-of-moneyHow to make money:

1. iAds: Show iAds when the users use the app.

2. Sell you own e-book : Write an e-book called
2.1 “100 secret tips to maintain your luxury car in top condition”.

2.2 Since you do not know these tips,
2.3 Spend 6-10 hours researching on the internet
2.4 and compile this list.

2.5 Google for the words “tips to maintain a luxury car” to get lots of tips
2.6 pick the good ones, rewrite them in an easy to understand language and
2.7 create this e-book..
2.8 you can sell it for $9.99.