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Let travel agents bid for your trip

travle-Let travel agents bid for your trip


1. You want to go on a trip especially overseas trip.
2. For overseas travel, sometimes travel agents can give a good deal not found online.
3. To find a good deal, You would have to call up multiple agents
4. keep track of all their prices and then make a decision
5. All this is too much work and is frustrating.


1. You will create a website, where your customers
2. enter ther trip details like from/to , date and how many passengers
3. Travel agents who have registered on your website will send him the quotes
4. Each travel agent will have ratings and reviews by past customers.
5. Your customer will just find the best deal and buy it.
6. he is happy and enjoys his trip.

How to make Money.

1. Take a percentage of the sales like 2%.
2. With the free version, you can show 5 quotes and anything more than that, they can pay a nominal fee.