Tips and Hacks from Super-Successful founders

List what you want from a country – Someone will ship from there



1. Many times we want items from another country
2. Those items may not be available in our home country or they are not authentic..
3. ..or they are too expensive.
4. We wish we knew someone in that country who can ship it to us.


1. You set-up a website where merchants register and also update their location.
2. Your customer registers and types in an item he wants to buy
3. The merchant will let your customer know the price, including shipping
4. if he likes the price, he can order it and the merchant will ship it.
5. Each buyer and seller will have reputation score like ebay

How to make Money.

1. Like ebay, you take a percentage of the sale price
2. You analyze your data and you can find out the top-requested items and
3. you could import these items yourself and sell them yourself in your own website and..
4. could sell the same items in ebay and amazon too.

Some Tips for starting.

1. Ebay too had problems initially about establising trust between sellers and buyers..
2. they implemented the rating system
3. Research about ebay’s problems while they started and how they resolved them and do the same for your startup.
4. With this model, you are making the buyers compete with each other and buyers also work hard to get good ratings.