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165: Low cost legal advice for startups

Low cost legal advice for startups


1. A lot of startups are getting started and
2. Startup founders need to file lots of paperwork like
3. incorporation’s, contract reviews, patents, copyrights and trademarks.

4. When they start the startup, one of the biggest expenses
5. is legal service.
6. They would love to find a legal service which is very easy to use
7. and costs very less money.


1. You build a smart-phone app and also build a website.
2. Startup founders will create an account and save their
3. Startup details like Name, Address etc.

4. If they have not yet incorporated,
5. they can incorporate from your app itself.
6. After this, if they need to complete any documentation,

7. they should be able to answer a few questions and
8. the right documents are automatically selected
9. and filled up automatically and

10. If multiple parties need to sign, they can sign electronically too .
11. If they have any questions, they can chat with a lawyer.
12. For getting lawyers, use a Uber like system. Approve good lawyers into your system.

13. After the initial interactions with the lawyer,
14. if the startup founder likes the lawyer,
15. he can hire him for filling the document for a small fixed fee too.

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