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174: Neighborhood Home Theater Rental

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1. A lot of people have Home theaters in their homes and most of the time,
2. it is not used and empty.
3. What if there is a way for them to make money
4. with their home theater setup.


1. You will build a smartphone app
2. Users will open the app and
3. the app will automatically detect their location
4. and it will ask them the date and time and the number of hours
5. They would need to book the home theater.

6. They will immediately see the places where the owner has decided to rent their home theater.
7. They will see the price and book the home theater.
8. On the appointed day, they along with their family,
9. will go to that place and enjoy the movie.

10. They can take their own DVD’s or stream the movie from Netflix
11. They will have a family movie night out experience.
12. Kids would love it too, since
13. it is a new place and new home .

Money1_Treasure_ChestHow to make money:

1. Get a percentage of the sales: When users book the home theater,
1.1 you can take a 2% cut of the sale price.

2. Sell Amazon Video on demand for new movies : Show them latest released movies
2.1 from Amazon video-on-demand and if they rent it,
2.2 you will get an affiliate commission.