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108: Neighborhood lost and found App

Find_something_ you_lost_in_ your_neighborhood


1. A lot of times, People  lose things in their neighborhood
2. most of the times, someone else would have found it
3. but they are not sure whom to return it to.


1. You build an iPhone app
2. When someone loses something, they
3. immediately report it on the app
4. The app will detect his location and notify
5. the other app users in that neighborhood.
6. if someone finds it , they can contact the person who reported
7. and the person who lost the item can collect it.
8. The person who lost the item would have to show id to prove
9. he is the owner.

johnny-automatic-bag-of-moneyHow to make money:

1. Charge to report lost item: Each time they report a lost item,
1.1 You can charge a nominal fee of 99c.

2. Thank you note : Once the person gets his lost item,
2.1 he can send a personal thank you note(greeting) from the app.
2.2 You can charge $1.99 for the thank you note.

3. Buy/Sell used Item Marketplace: Slowly you can start building
3.1 a community and allow people to start selling items
3.2 within the neighborhood.
3.3 You can take a 1 percent cut of the sale price.

Inspiration for this idea - PictureInspiration for this idea:

1. My cousin’s son came to our house
2. and started playing with my son’s quad-copter
3. That was his first time playing with the quad-copter and
4. once he started playing, it went so far
5. and went out of range and fell down.
6. They guessed it might have fallen in a particular place
7. and went and searched but could not find it.
8. $99 lost!.
9. I wish I had this app and
10. my son would have probably found his quad-copter


  1. John Drummer says:

    Very Nice idea.
    One time , I lost my glasses near my house , luckily someone handed over to the apartment leasing office.
    For some reason I called the leasing office and asked them and they said someone handed them the glasses.
    If this app was there, it would have been good.