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97: Never miss an important event at your child’s school

Never miss an important event at your child's school


1. A lot of us have kids in school
2. We don’t check the school calenders frequently and miss some of the important school events
3. like open houses, PTA fun nights, movie nights etc.
4. If we have kids in two different schools, then you have to check both these school calenders
5. Currently, there is no way to see the schools calender in your own calender.


1.You build a website, when anyone can download any schools calender and sync it with their calender.
2 You import all the school districts calenders into your database.
3.There are about 13,600 school districts in the USA.
4.All the calenders will be in ical format, which can be imported into any calender.

Money1_Treasure_ChestHow to make money:

1. Build an app and Sell the app for 99c/year
1.1 It will remind all the events 1 week in advance, show the upcoming school holidays etc.
2. Become an amazon affiliate and sell relevant items
2.1 if they are downloading elementary school calenders, sell them educational toys
2.2 if they are middle school, sell them games(e.g rubiks cube), skateboards etc.
2.3 For high-schoolers, sell cliff notes and sat/act books.

Tips1_Penguins_flyingSome Tips while starting:

1. Almost all the schools publish their calenders during the previous year itself.
2. you can hire a programmer to write a program to scrap the data.
3. Another option is
4. You hire 2 or 3 virtual assistants , who can go to each school district’s website
5. and if the school already has an ical format, they can download it
6. if no ical format is available, they can add the calender entries manually.