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107: Online Store for Left handed Kids

Online Store for Left handed Kids


1. There are a lot of left-handed kids
2. whose parents would like to buy stuff like guitars,
3. toys, school supplies etc which

4. are convenient for their kids.
5. Currently, there is not a good online store
6. catering specifically for left-handed kids


1. First, Start a blog and write about left-handedness
2. Celebrate left-handed-ness in your blog
3. Read books like “The Natural superiority of the left-hander” etc
4. These books will give you lots of ideas for your blog articles.

5. Guest post in popular children’s blogs and also write articles in Medium.
6. Write this for about 6-9 months and aim to get atleast 10k email subscribers

7. Then after this , you can start selling products.
8. Initially start an online Amazon Affiliate store,

9. showcasing and selling products from amazon
10. for left-handed kids
11. if that works, Slowly you can start your own online store

Money1_Treasure_ChestHow to make money:

1. Amazon Affiliate income : Since you will be selling
1.1 Amazon products for left-handed kids, you will get
1.2 Affiliate income.

2. A marketplace to sell and buy used stuff : After about two years or
2.1 once you reach 10k email subscribers,
2.2 create an online store where
2.3 Parents can sell and buy used stuff,
2.4 Kids grow up faster and they do not need old stuff and need new stuff.
2.5 You can google for “buy used kids clothes online” and look at some websites
2.6 which are already buying/selling used stuff like toys and clothing.