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76: Organize courses from all the best mooc universities

Organize course from all the best mooc universities


1. There are so many MOOC(massive open online courses) offered online
2. by many universities (Stanford and Harvard) and websites like Udemy and
3. Each have their own courses.
4. when someone wants to take a particular course say like “Entrepreneurship 101”
5. they have to search multiple websites and see where it is available,
6. This is very time-consuming process.


1. First determine the best universities and websites.
2. Pull the data about their courses by partnering with them
3. Organize all the courses into categories.
4. When someone comes and searches for a course like “Macro Economics” or “Professional Magician”
5. Your website displays the courses available and on which website.
6. The user takes the course and becomes a little smarter than he was before.

How to make Money:

1.0 Sell related best-selling books from amazon in the category in which the user is taking the course.
2.0 Some Mooc courses are paid courses. you sign up as an affiliate and
2.1 you will get a revenue share when users signup from your website.

Some Tips to start:

1. check for design inspiration.
2. also had courses only from universities but not from non-universities.