Tips and Hacks from Super-Successful founders

Organize Personal Digital Albums


1. A lot of us have accumulated lots of digital photos
2. We wanted to organize them for a very long time
3. We are scared that if our hard dish crashes, everything will be gone.


1.Your customer comes to your website
2.He can upload all his photos to your website
3.He can also ship his photos in a external hard drive
4.or if he has a Dropbox account, he can use this too.
5.You will organize the photos and also clean them up.
6.You will remove duplicate and bad photos.
7.You will organize in the format year-month-Place
8.You can upload to picasa, smugmug or dropbox
9.The customer looks at his photos and enjoys them
10.He is peaceful that his photos are safe.

How to make Money.

1..You charge by the number of photos to be cleaned.
3. You can have extra premium services like secure cloud storage, embedding on websites etc.

Some Tips for starting.

1. You can use Amazon Mechanical Turk to get this done cheaply.
2. You can build software to automate a lot of this.