Tips and Hacks from Super-Successful founders

FS 024: Minecraft Games: How a depressed, introverted Geek started a side hustle hobby game and sold it for $2+ Billion

Markus started the game Minecraft as a side project, while working on his day job. He had personal tragedies during this time.Yet he kept pushing. Later he sold for 2+ billion. Let us see how he did it. What you will learn from this … [Continue reading]

FS 023: How two friends totally broke and inexperienced became millionaires with their super-simple dating site

  Can you be cheap and scrappy and yet build a business that is both fun and makes millions. James and Jim built HotorNot by bootstrapping all the way and came out with creative ideas to save themselves from shutting down. Let us check out … [Continue reading]

FS 022:Pandora Music: The extra-ordinary story of how Tim went from a Penniless Nanny to a billionaire

Tim started his career as a Nanny and was playing in bands as a side hustle. He saw the agonizing problems his fellow musicians were facing and he started Pandora. He faced several problems and he came very close to shutting it down, but … [Continue reading]

FS 021: Ben and Jerry ice Cream: The wonderful story of two Guys, their love of ice cream, a $5 investment to a multi-million dollar business

Two friends turned their passion of ice creams into a multi-million dollar empire. They just started with $5 investment and did not know anything about how to start a business. Yet they became wildly successful. Let us see how they did it. … [Continue reading]

FS 020: FUBU: How Shark Tank’s Daymond John went from a Restaurant waiter to multi-millionaire founder

Daymond John was an ordinary guy working as a waiter in a restaurant and in his spare time started FUBU(For us by Us) a sports apparel company with just $40 and turned it into $350+ million in revenue. Let us check out how he did it. What you … [Continue reading]

FS 019: Method : How two friends started in their stinky little apartment and grew Method to $100+ million

Household cleaning products were dominated by giant companies with their toxic and harmful products. Two friends created "non-toxic" and "cool-looking" cleaning products and they beat the giants and are making $100+ million. Let us check out … [Continue reading]

FS 018: LifeisGood: Living in a van, eating peanut butter sandwiches to a $100+ million company – The story of Life is Good and the power of optimism

Is it possible to invest $200 and make millions from a simple message of “Do what you like, like what you do” and also bring happiness to millions of people. Let us check out how two brothers Bert and John Jacobs did it. What you will learn from … [Continue reading]

FS 017: CDBaby: A small-time musician with no background in tech and business, started with $500 and sold his business for $19+ million

Derek did not know anything about programming, he did not know how to start and run a business. He did not have enough money. He just started with $500 and eventually sold his business CDBaby for $19+ millions. Let us check out, how he did … [Continue reading]

FS 016: : The rags-to-riches story of Jim – A Bartender to a highly-successful multi-millionaire

  How did a bartender became a millionaire, Jim McCann transformed 1-800-FLOWERS from a small struggling floral shop into a multi-million dollar flower and gift business. Did he plan it and did he have the desire to become a millionaire?. … [Continue reading]

FS 015: Nobu Restaurants: Chef Nobu’s fabulous rise from Suicide-attempting Restaurateur to HollyWood Celebrity Restaurateur to multi-millionaire

Nobu a poor boy , dreamt of opening his own sushi restaurant. He started a few restaurants, but all of them failed He attempted suicide but it was averted . He pulled himself up and opened a fourth one and it became wildly successful and generated … [Continue reading]