Tips and Hacks from Super-Successful founders

FS 014: Club Penguin: Bootstrapped by borrowing from credit cards, focused on one niche area and sold to Disney for $325+ million

Can a simple kid's game with penguins become a blockbuster hit , and then attract Disney to buy them for $325+ million. Here is how three guys, Lane Merrifield , Dave Krysko and Lance Priebe did it with Club Penguin.   What you will learn … [Continue reading]

FS 013: TwitTV: How Leo Laporte accidentally bootstrapped a multimillion dollar empire From Podcasts

Is it possible to do what we love..have fun and.. also make money. Leo Laporte of the famous “TWIT TV” podcast did it by bootstrapping his podcast empire almost by accident. Let us check out how he is doing it. What you will learn from this … [Continue reading]

FS 012: Amy’s Kitchen: How one couple turned their frozen food problem into a multi-million dollar organic powerhouse

When Rachel, a healthy vegetarian food lover, injured herself during pregnancy, her husband got her a frozen vegetarian dinner, which tasted Yucky. They started their own vegetarian frozen dishes business and grew big into a 200+ million business. … [Continue reading]

FS 011: How Betsy started a hobby pet website and sold for $25+ million

  Betsy Saul did not set out to make money. She couldn't see bad things happen to Pets. She started as a service to help pets and it grew into a business and produced millions as a side benefit. Here is who she did it.   What … [Continue reading]

FS 010: Chobani: How an immigrant with simple yogurt business beat the giant companies and became a billionaire

  We all heard about internet unicorns --the billion dollar-- valuation companies. but can that be done with a non-internet business that too with a simple Yogurt business. Hamdi Ulukaya an immigrant proved it can be done and became a … [Continue reading]

FS 009: Kiss My Face : Not knowing anything about the business to a 75+million year business

Can you start a business without knowing anything about the business and still make millions. Most people will say No, but Bob MacLeod and Steve Byckiewicz proved that it can be done. They just started and learnt along the way. Let us find out … [Continue reading]

FS 008: IMDB: Movie watching hobby business Sold to Amazon for multiple millions

Can a movie watching hobby be turned into a serious business that too a multimillion dollar business. Col Needham did this with one of the world’s top entertainment website and sold to Amazon. Let us check out how he did … [Continue reading]

FS 007: LittleMissMatched: Wacky Mismatched socks idea to a smash hit with 30+ million in revenue

Can an insane idea of selling mismatched socks succeed?. Who would want to wear them.. right? Wrong..,Jonah Staw proved it will succeed by building LittleMissMatched and generating multiple millions. Let us see how he did it. What you will … [Continue reading]

FS 006: Geox: Hole-in-shoe idea to Billion Dollars

While there are already big players in the shoe business, Can someone come with a new idea for shoes and succeed and also make tons of money. Mario Polegato did it with Geox and made it a billion dollar company. with a weird idea —having holes in … [Continue reading]

FS 005:TreeHugger: Tiny Green movement blog to a $10million blog

  Can you build a high trafficked blog with your passion and also make money. Graham Hill did it with and sold for $10 million. Here is how he did it.   What you will learn from this episode: How his own problem … [Continue reading]