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178: Pep talks for salesmen before meeting a prospect

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1. A lot of salesmen are scared before they meet a prospect.
2. What if they can watch or listen to a pep-talk from other
3. Successful salesmen to give them confidence
4. before they meet the prospect.


1. You will build a smart-phone app
2. Once the user downloads and opens the app

3. It will automatically play motivating talks from successful salesmen
4. and from self-development speakers.

5. Once they listen, the get motivated and when they visit
6. their prospect, they are very confident and will have a very high chance
7. of closing the deal.

8. To build your app, you would have to partner with these companies
9. that provide these pep-talks like
10., , Jim Rohn etc.
11. and store these programs on your hosting servers and stream them from your app.

12. You can use soundcloud or libsyn to store these audio files and
13. stream from there and the hosting isĀ  very affordable.

Money1_Treasure_ChestHow to make money:

1. Freemium model : With the free version, they can listen
1.1 for an hour a month.
1.2 with the premium version, they can listen unlimited hours.

2. Ads: Show iAds on the free version of the app.