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Permanent Relief from your anger and resentment

Relief from anger and resentment


1.A lot of people have anger and resentment
2.towards their husband, wife, neighbor, boss etc.
3.They carry this hatred around for a long time and
4. their precious life is wasted.

5.The best way is to vent it out and throw it out of their mind
6.Otherwise it will poison them and their precious time in life is wasted.

5.Currently there is no way this can be done online..on the internet


1. You will build an iPhone app and also a website
2. Users create their profile picture by uploading their photo or
3. pick one from built-in photos
4. The person who has anger and resentment towards his boss
5. opens the app, begins talking and vents out all his frustration
6. by just talking or typing
7. Once he is done, he will press the “done” button.

8. He will see the “Vented-frustration” turn into a smoke cloud and
9. going farther and farther away from him
10. towards the void –far end of the earth– and disintegrating.
11. similar to a helium-filled balloon going up and up in the sky
12. and finally disappearing.
13. The user feels happy that the anger and frustration is out of his body
14. and he is happy again.
15. hoo-hoo.. Peace to him, peace on our planet earth!!

johnny-automatic-bag-of-moneyHow to make money:

1.In-app purchases – They can upload the photos of their boss
1.1 or anyone they are angry with and
1.2 they can buy any number of non-too-violent weapons
1.3 like boxing gloves, sticks etc to punch them up.
1.4 You sell these weapons for $1 each.

2. Paid-Version of app – With the free version, they can do 5 ventings in a month,
2.1 if they want more, they can buy the paid version of the app for $4.99

3. Amazon affiliate books – Sell them books about Anger management, self-development,
3.1 Love and peace from Amazon.