Tips and Hacks from Super-Successful founders

117: Personal Reputation Tracker


1. if someone googles his name
2. would they find good information or bad information,
3. A lot of people never google their own name and check
4. if their private information is displayed on the internet.

5. Even if they want to do , it is a time-consuming manual process,
6. they have to search google frequently to see if any of their
7. private information is displayed.

8. These people who are concerned with their private information being compromised,
9. would love if there is an automated way to monitor
10. their personal information on the internet.


1. You will build a smartphone app
2. The user opens your app and enters their name and email address.

3. Your software behind the scenes immediately gets to work
4. searching the web and social networks including
5. tweets, Facebook posts etc and comes back
6. with an organized list of good and bad things.

7. The user can decide to remove something  for .eg a Facebook post , and
8. your service  would help him delete it from the internet.

9. if some private information is displayed on any website,
10. your software will guide the user on how to remove this information.

How to make Money.

1. Paid App version: Have a pro version of your app,
1.1 where you provide extra features like every 1hr monitoring,
1.2 text alerts etc. and you can charge a monthly fee.

2. Recommend products : Since you know their interests
2.1 by analyzing their social networks, you could recommend
2.2  products related to their interests.