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81: Personalized Youtube channel recommendations

pattaya-Personalized Youtube channel recommendations


1. A lot of people watch programs on TV, but if there are no programs they like
2. they do not have any options and get a little frustrated.
3. They wish they could find something interesting to watch on YouTube.


1. Your customer comes to your website and enters their favorite TV show
2. You show them YouTube channels similar to his TV show.
3 He gets some hot sizzling popcorn and ice-cold coke and
4. he clicks and watches the YouTube shows you recommended and
5. his boredom is relieved.
6. for e.g if he likes the discovery/science channel show “How it’s made” in TV ,
7. he would like “5facts” channel in YouTube.

How to make Money.

1.0 On your iPhone app, occasionally display ads(iAd) at the bottom.
2.0 Analyze the Videos he is watching and
2.1 occasionally show him products(amazon affiliate) which he would like.

Some Tips for starting.

1. Hire a Virtual assistant and he can browse each YouTube category and
2. pick the top 20 channels and
3. then map it to a related TV channel