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183: Quick Fitness exercises for Software engineers while they work

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1. A lot of software engineers suffer from back pain ,
2. neck pains, Carpal tunnel syndrome and
3. other joint pains.

4. Those who have this pain would love if someone could
5. teach them simple 3-5 minute exercises to relieve the pain.

6. Those who do not have it, would like to prevent them
7. from occurring.


1. This will be a smart-phone app.
2. Once the user downloads,
3. they can choose if they want to do the
4. workouts every hour or every 2 hours and
5. what time they start their work.

6. After this it will automatically prompt
7. every hour and will show simple 3-5 minute
8. exercises to stretch the muscles.

9. The user has to just follow the step-by step
10. instructions and do the exercises.

11. Within a week’s time, he will see the differences
12. and he will not have any pains.
13. Your app helped him to live a happy life.

Money1_Treasure_ChestHow to make money:

1. Premium version: The free version will work for 5 days in a month
1.1 while the premium version will work on all days.
1.2 you can charge about $4.99 for the premium version

2. Your own e-guides: Write your own e-guides for software engineers like
2.1 “How to relieve stress for software engineers” , “How to be emotionally intelligent”
2.2 you can buy a couple of books,
2.3 do some research on the internet and write these books.
2.4 if you cannot write, You can hire someone in Fiverr or upwork to write this.
2.5 You can sell them for $29.99

3. Sell Health books from Amazon: Since they are interested in health,
3.1 you can sell good health books from Amazon and
3.3 get affiliate income.