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167: Quickly find the best massage therapist to relieve nagging pain

find the best massage therapist to relieve pains


1. Massage Therapy helps relieve pain and stress in the body,
2. leaving you calm and relaxed.
3. A lot of people have lots of different pains like

4. Carpal tunnel pains, back pains, Tennis elbow shoulder etc
5. They would need to find a good massage therapist to
6. relieve their pain.

7. Currently if someone has pain and if he is looking to find a massage therapist
8. It is a little difficult and frustrating process.
9. First, they are not sure which ones are good and which ones are bad

10. and second most of the places are expensive.
11. These consumers who have the pain would like to find a
12. good therapist faster with the least expensive price.


1. You will build a smart-phone app
2. After the user downloads your app,
3. he will specify what pains he has, for example shoulder pain

4. and instantly he will get a list of massage therapists nearby
5. who specialize in relieving his particular pain.
6. The price will be a fixed price like $35 for half hour and
7. $49 for one hour.

8. The user will pick the massage therapist he likes and he can access the
9. calendar from within the app itself and book the appointment.

10. Once he gets the massage therapy , he can rate the therapist
11. The best therapists will always come up in the top of the search results.

13. To recruit massage therapists,
14. write a software program to find the best rated
15. therapists from yelp ,contact them and
16. recruit them to join your startup.

Money1_Treasure_ChestHow to make money:

1. Take a cut of the transaction: When someone hires a Massage therapist,
1.1 You can take 2% of the transaction fees.

2. Sell your own e-guides : Hire specialists and write books like
2.1 Ten Tips to relieve back pain, 10 foods which heal muscle pains etc.
2.2 Sell them for $9.99 each.

3. Affiliate income: Sell pain relieving products like
3.1 knee straps, shoulder straps etc. from amazon and
3.2 get affiliate income.