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182: Recommend what foods to eat based on blood test reports

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1. A lot of users do blood tests and
2. when they get their results ,
3. they may have vitamin and other deficiencies.

4. They would not be sure what foods to eat to naturally take care
5. of these deficiencies.
6. They would love if someone can advise them
7. on what types of food to eat.


1. You will build a smartphone app
2. The user will scan their blood test reports or
3. they can enter their user id and password

4. of their medical provider website and
5. Your app will pull the blood test data
6. and analyze it and finds the deficiencies.

7. It will then show them the foods which
8. they should eat to resolve those deficiencies.

Money1_Treasure_ChestHow to make money:

1. Pro version of the app: The free version will show for 5 deficiencies
1.1 while the pro version will show what foods to eat
1.2 for all the deficiencies. It will also create a weekly recipe plan and
1.3 will create a shopping list too.

2. Sell Vitamins from Amazon: Since you know the vitamin deficiencies,
2.1 you can sell Good Natural vitamins from Amazon and
2.2 get affiliate commission.
2.3 you can also sell books like “foods that harm, Foods that heal”
2.4 from Amazon