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105: Review sleek and stylish products for men

A blog about sleek and stylish items for men


1. A lot of men love
2. to own only sleek and stylish space-saving items.

3. They hate thick and bulky items.
4. for example,
5. they would prefer a mac book air rather than a bulky PC.

6. These men would love to get reviews and advise on all the
7. sleek and stylish products out there.

8. Currently there is no website or YouTube channel
9. to review just these items for men.


1. You will start a website and a YouTube channel.
2. then research items which are sleek, Space-saving and almost invisible,
3. Items like furniture, laptops, watches, book-shelves, computer mice etc.

4. You buy these products or research about them and
5. review them on your website and YouTube channel.
6. Once you get a little famous, companies will send you items for free to review.

Money1_Treasure_ChestHow to make money:

1. YouTube revenue share: Signup as a YouTube channel partner,
1.1 Produce videos and get a cut from YouTube on the revenue share.

2. Affiliate income: Link the items you review and recommend in YouTube
2.1 and from your website to Amazon and
2.2.  get affiliate income.