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Review Vintage Kitchen products – An YouTube channel

Review Vintage Kitchen products


1. A lot of people like vintage/nostalgic kitchen products
2. Amazon sells a lot of these products

3. Which means there is a huge demand
4. for these products

5. A lot of these buyers are looking for someone to
6, rate, review and recommend good products for them.

5. Currently there is no good blog or YouTube channel
6. to review and critique these products.


1. You start a YouTube channel and a blog
2. and review the nostalgic kitchen products.
3. Later you can expand to other Vintage/nostalgic products.

Money1_Treasure_ChestHow to make money:

1. YouTube Affiliate income : Become a YouTube partner and they share the ad revenue.

2. Sell the products you review: Link the products you review
2.1 to Amazon or Etsy and get affiliate commissions.