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84: Safe Curated Video playlists for kids on the internet

kids-Online Curated playlists for kids


1. When kids ask(nag) their moms to watch videos on their ipad or iphone
2. mom searches for a video and plays it and gives it to her kid
3. Once the kids finishes, he may keep looking at other videos but
4. sometimes he can’t find interesting videos and again nags his mom.
5. Mom is frustrated that she has to search and play videos every 5 or 10 minutes.


1. You build your own iphone/ipad app
2. and organize playlists by the episodes.
3. for e.g Organize all Tom and Jerry videos in one playlist or
4. if there are too many, split them into multiple playlists
5. Each playlist should have enough videos to last about 45-60 minutes.
6. The reason fo 45 minutes long is
7. kids may get bored watching same episodes after about 45 minutes.
8. Once you have created the playlists, release your product into the app store.
9. The kids’ mom downloads your app and she selects a favorite episode playlist
10. and plays it.
11. The kid will not disturb her for atleast 45 minutes.
12.Mom can continue to chat with her friends and enjoy her free time.

How to make Money.

1.0 Make money displaying ads at the bottom of the app through iAD(apple’s advertising platform)
2.0 Sign up as an apple App store affiliate and when the app is opened for the first time,
2.1 Show mom educational apps for the kids,
2.2 and if she buys it, you get a cut out of the purchase price.