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184: Scan a multi-vitamin for bad ingredients


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1. Even though a lot of multi-vitamins are sold on the market
2. Some of the ingredients if taken for a long period causes harm to the body.

3. A lot of people are not aware of it.
4. What if there was a simple app to let them know the
5. harmful ingredients in their multi-vitamins.


1. This will be a smartphone app
2. The user will download and
3. will scan the multivitamin package
4. and the app will immediately tell them
5. If it has any harmful ingredients

6. and will suggest an alternate brand multi-vitamin
7. without harmful ingredients.

8. Here is how to build your app
9. First find out what the bad ingredients manufacturers include in multi-vitamins
10. To find this information,

11. You can google for the words “bad ingredients in multi-vitamins” and
12. You will find all the harmful ingredients which are added to multi-vitamins
13. Once you find this information
14. You can store them in your app.

15. Once the user scans the label from the multi-vitamin package
16. using your app
17. Your app converts the ingredients from the image format to text

18. Then your app will check these ingredients with the bad ingredients,
19. and will notify if a multi-vitamin has a bad ingredient.
20. Your user is happy he found a healthy multi-vitamin.

Money1_Treasure_ChestHow to make money:

1. Sell alternate multivitamins : Once your app identifies that
1.1 the current multi-vitamins have harmful ingredients
1.2 show them alternate multi-vitamins which do not
1.3 have harmful ingredients from Amazon and
1.4 get affiliate income.
1.5 Later on, once you know that people are buying
1.6 your recommendations, you can find a supplier in china
1.7 from and create your own private-label
1.8 multi-vitamins and sell it on Amazon marketplace.

2. Sell your own e-guides: Research all the harmful ingredients
2.1 and write you own e-guides like
2.2 “Multivitamin Guide: Ingredients that cause harm, ingredients that do not cause harm”,
2.3 “How to pick the right multi-vitamins”
2.3 Sell the guides for $19.99

3. Sell Health books from Amazon: Since they are health conscious,
3.1 sell good health books from Amazon
3.1 and get affiliate income.