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171: Search engine for free public domain no-attribution needed audio tracks

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1. A lot of people are creating Videos and podcasts
2. and they need music

3. They would love if they can find high-quality free music tracks
4. and music loops which can be used for commercial purposes
5. preferably without requiring any attribution too.


1. You will build a website and a smart-phone app
2. The search interface will be similar to Garageband loops interface.
3. Users should be able to search by genre or by the type
4. like beats,vocals, guitar etc

5. A lot of sites like freemusic archive
6. Vimeo music store, youtube no-copyright library and others,
7. have free public domain no-attribution needed audio tracks and loops.

8. Your search engine will search these websites and allow users
9, to find the right audio track or loop.

10. Once they find the track, they will preview it and if they like it they can download.

Money1_Treasure_ChestHow to make money:

1. Donation : Ask for donation. A lot of users will give donations.
2. Show music which they can buy too : Partner with a site and show their music too and
2.1 your visitors buy, you will get affiliate commissions.
2.2 you can search in google for “music tracks for video production

3. Get sponsorships : Get sponsorships with
3.1 Explainer video and podcast creation companies.
3.2 and display on the app and website.