Tips and Hacks from Super-Successful founders

101: See open houses(houses for sale) faster



1. Many new home buyers go house-hunting
2. every weekend.
3. It is a little frustrating process

4. They have to manually note down
5. the address of all the open houses.
6. Then they input each address into google maps,

7. and navigate to this address.
8. They do not have an optimized plan at all. for e.g
9. Let us say they saw a house in street A,

10. Next, they go to a house in street Z,
11. The next house could be in Street C and closer to street A,
12. which was the first house they visited
13. Now they have to drive all the way back to Street C

14. They waste time and gas and is a little frustrating for them.
15. They would love if there is an app to automate all this
16. and show them an optimized plan in less than 3 minutes.


1. An iphone app will be built
2. The user will type the zip code where he is planning to
3. look for open houses.

4. The app will use’s api to get the listings
5. of all the open houses in that zip code.
6. The user will select the houses he wants to visit

7. and the app will check the distances between all these open houses
8. and creates an optimal route and
9. the app will link with the GPS on the phone and

10. When the user is ready to go, the app will
11. direct the user from one house to the other.
12. He will know exactly which house to go and in which order.

13. The prospective home buyer finishes his trip sooner
14. and goes back home, relaxes and watches a nice movie.
15. All thanks to your app.

johnny-automatic-bag-of-moneyHow to make money:

1. Ads: The free version will have a limit of 5 houses, put ads on the app
2. Sell Pro version: Sell a pro version of the app, with extra features like
2.1 Remembering the last visited open houses, going to unlimited houses, ideal time to start etc.