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98: Shared packing lists for group Trips

Shared_packing _lists_for_group_Trips


1. A lot of families go on trips with their friends.
2. They would need to co-ordinate who brings what
3. they usually use emails to co-ordinate or if they are a little tech-savvy
4. they may use Google docs.
5. These methods are a little cumbersome.
6. With Emails, they have to go back and forth and is difficult to keep track of who is bringing what items
7. Google docs is not very user-friendly.


1. You can build an iPhone/android app and an accompanying website too.
2. Users create an account and create a shared-list
3. and share it with others
4. Everyone will add what they want to bring
5. if something is missing, anyone can add to the list.
6. Each user can create reports on what they agreed to bring and print them
7. There are some people who hate to create lists on what to pack, Someone can create a list for them too.

johnny-automatic-bag-of-moneyHow to make money:

1. Show the items or better items from amazon from their packing list,
1.1 so they can order from amazon and you get affiliate commission.
2. Sell tourist books about the place they are visiting.