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Simplified Google Analytics for small startups


1.If you have an online business and use google analytics to track your visitors
2.Google Analytics seems too complicated. Only Geeks can understand most of the stuff
3. As a small-startup owner, you just want a few details…
4. like daily visitors, sources of traffic, keywords, how long each user stayed etc.


1. Your main differentiation from google analytics is your amazing user-friendly UI.
2. Your customer will signin using google account.
3. They should already have a google analytics account.
4. You will use google-analytics api’s to pull their google analytics data
5. You will display the information in a super-easy-to-understand way
6. You will display only few of the important information
7. like Daily visitors, sources of traffic, keywords, how long each user stayed and what links he clicked.

How to make Money.

1. Charge for a pro account if they want more advanced data like demographics,Geography, Audience behavior etc.
2. Create your own SEO and social media guides and sell them.

Some Tips for starting.

1.Your main advantage than google is the UI design,  has to be super user friendly
2.Google main focus is techies while your main focus will be for non-techies.