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Smart Appointment Tracker – iPhone App


1. A lot of us have too many personal appointments to track like doctors, dentists, Kid’s basketball classes etc.
2. It gets too overwhelming to track all these.


1. This will be an iPhone App.
2. When your customer signs up, she gets an email address.
3. Whenever your customer goes to the doctor, she can request to send her appointment by email to this email address.
4. Some doctors cannot send by email so, they write in a small appointment card.
4.1 Your customer can just take a photo from your app and you can convert to text.
5. Behind the scenes, you app processes all these emails and photos and automatically updates his calendar.
6. Your customer will be reminded by text and email 1 day before and on the same day of the appointment.

How to make Money.

1. You can build a pro version – where you can export calender entries to ical and other calenders, store contact phone numbers , link the address to his GPS app and other advanced features.
2. Once you know where your customer is visiting, You can sell  e-books  which will benefit him by signing up with good e-book publishers.
3. Since you know his lifestyle, you can give him discounts coupons, Not sure how to do this but I am almost positive that there may be a network where you can sign-up.
Update: I googled and found Coupon Network, where you can sign-up