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164: Smart hi-tech kitchen gadgets review for hi-tech women

164: Smart hi-tech household gadgets review for hi-tech women


1. A lot of women who love technology also
2. would love to own high-tech and
3. smart household appliances for their homes.

4. Some examples of these smart gadgets are
a. Palate Home Smart Grill – can cook automatically and notifies by iPad app
b. Pantelligent Smart Frying Pan – will let you know when the food is ready
c. Drop Connected Kitchen Scale – can measure ingredients based on a recipe in iPad app.

5. These high-tech women would love to see
6. reviews and recommendations of these various
7. high-tech appliances to make good buying decisions.

8. Right now, they cannot get authoritative reviews and advise and
9. would love to get this information.


1. You start a YouTube channel and Video Podcast
2. Review smart household appliances
3. For initial products to review – check out these two google searches

4. Make your shows appealing to your core audiences – Women who
5. love smart, intelligent household appliances.

Money1_Treasure_ChestHow to make money:

1. Podcasts sponsorships : Since you have your own podcast,
1.1 you can get sponsorships for your show once
1.2 you have sufficient audience.

2. Sell your own electronic recipe books: Create recipe books and
2.1 these recipes will use smart kitchen devices to cook meals
2.2 so your fans, the tech-loving women
2.3 can spend very less time in the kitchen

3. Youtube Ads : Sign up as YouTube partner and YouTube will share the revenue

4. Affiliate income: Sell the items you review from Amazon and
Other stores and get affiliate commission.