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Stream your podcasts instead of downloading

Stream your podcasts instead of downloading


1. Many times we are browsing on our laptop and..
2. find good podcasts we want to listen to but..
3. we do not have time at that time but want to listen in our iphone later on.
4. Right now, When you are in your car , You have to open up iTunes,..
5. search for the podcast again and listen.
5. Also, Some podcasts are not available in tunes,but only on the website..
6. but you would like to listen to them in your phone.


1. Your customer will download and install a browser extension
2. When they are browsing and see a podcast, they click their browser extension
3. The podcast downloads in the background and stores it in your servers.
4. When the customer is in his car, he opens up your iphone app(yes,you built an app too!)
5. and listens to the podcast.
6. This uses the data plan but audio is created with very low bitrate and
7. the data usage should be pretty negligible.

How to make Money.

1. Have a paid pro version of your app with advanced features like automatic downloads of favorite shows and unlimited storage.
2. Get sponsorships and add audio advertisements after or before the podcasts.

Some Tips for starting.

1. Use to store your podcasts instead of your own servers.They have very reasonable rates.