Tips and Hacks from Super-Successful founders

116: Summarized TED Talks


1.There are a lot of people who want to watch all TED videos
2. Since most of the TED videos are about 18 minutes long
3. they do not find time to watch.

4. They would love if they could read or watch
5. a 3-5 minute summary of each TED talk.


1. You will have a website and an iPhone app
2. The website will almost be similar to TED
3. You will create summaries of the TED videos

4. The summaries can be in text first
5. Then later on you can create 3-5 minute video summaries..
6. add good music to videos to make them entertaining.

7. For inspiration to get started..
8. ..check out Sebastian Wernicke , who summarized 1000 TEDTalks into 6 words!.

9. Since there is a market for summarized business books
10. with companies like Soundview, getabstract, etc.

11. there will also be a market for Summarized TED videos too.
12. To get summaries done cheaply, You can outsource to  Amazon Mechanical Turk  or Upwork

How to make Money.

1. Get Sponsors : You can get sponsors for your videos , similar to TED videos

2. Paid Plan : You can have paid membership plan..
2.1 where you provide text summaries.
2.2 You can provide audio versions of the talks too, so
2.3 they can download to their smartphones and listen.