Tips and Hacks from Super-Successful founders

106: Super-Smart meeting planner – An iPhone app

Super-smart meeting planner


1. A lot of entrepreneurs and freelancers meet lots of clients and partners
2. at various coffee shops or restaurants.

3. Most of the time,they wrongly estimate the
4. travel time and traffic conditions and are
5. late to these meetings.

6. What if there is an app on their phone , which
7. can check traffic conditions in the background
8. and prompt them the right time to start.


1. You will build a iPhone app.
2. Once the user downloads the apps,
3. it will have access to their calendar.

4. It will then constantly check their calendar
5. and if they have meetings on that day, it
6. will extract the location of their meetings

7. and it will then determine their current location
8. and then it will check the live traffic data.
9. it will also determine the time it takes to
10. find parking and park the car.

10. Based on all this data, it will determine
11. at what time he has to start

12. It will then prompt before 30 minutes and before 5 minutes

13. He starts at the right time and reaches his meeting place
14. at the correct time and even a little early. Fantastic, isn’t it?

15. He is relaxed and the meeting goes very productively and successfully,
16. thanks to your app.

Money1_Treasure_ChestHow to make money:

1. Paid Pro version: You will have a paid pro version,
1.1 which will have many features like
1.2 the whole week’s view along with the start times for each meeting.
1.3 and if for some reason he is getting late to the meeting and is driving,
1.4 the app will automatically text the other person
1.5 that he is late and will give them their estimated arrival time.

2. Show Ads : For the free version, you can show iAds.