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104: Teach study hacks for college students using infographics

Teach study hacks for students using infographics


1. Study hacks help high-school and college students
2. study smarter not harder.

3. With Study hacks, students can learn faster and
4. remember better and
5. they can get good grades,
6. while spending less time studying.
7. This reduces stress and gives them more free time to enjoy life.

8. A lot of high-school and college students are hungry
9.  to know a lot of  study hacks.

10. Currently there are lot of study hacks
11. written up as long articles in blog posts
12. or in long YouTube videos.

13. Instead of reading the long blog posts and watching
14. the long YouTube Videos,

15. Students would prefer to get the same information
16. in a short time if this information is summarized and shown in info-graphics

17. info-graphics uses pictures and
18. short summarized points to help someone understand a topic very fast.

19. Go ahead and google for “life hacks info-graphics” and
20. you will find  some good ones.


1. First you will start a website preferably with WordPress
2. then take about a week ‘s time i.e about 40hrs
3. reading and viewing all the study hacks blogs and websites
4. like , etc

5.You can search in google for the word study hacks and
6. you will get a lot of good blogs and articles
7. Pick the good articles and

8. summarize these long blog articles and
9. create info-graphics from these and
10.  post these info-graphics in your website.

11. To see how others have done something similar,
12. Check out .
13. They took startup related articles and created info-graphics out of them.
14. To  design and create info-graphics , check out a free tool called Canva

johnny-automatic-bag-of-moneyHow to make money:

1.Sell e-books:  Sell e-books  like “Study less,Score high”, “Became a A student in high school” etc.
2. Get Sponsors: Talk to big educational companies like Kaplan and make them a sponsor for the info-graphics.